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Alaska Teacher Placement

Toni McFadden, ATP DirectorWelcome to the ATP Forum Archive.

This discussion forum was hosted by Alaska Teacher Placement from 2004-2014, and contains roughly 30,000 pages of questions and comments from job seekers looking for work in Alaska, and the responses of experienced current and former educators. This searchable archive is a treasure trove of information about finding a job here, as well as about living, working, shopping and experiencing rural Alaska.

The Alaska Teacher Placement (ATP) office has launched a new ATP Forum here:

New ATP Forum

Registration at the new forum is quick, free and easy. You simply register yourself, and then activate your account with an email that is sent to you.

As always, you will still find comprehensive resources on the main ATP website about Alaska teaching jobs, and education in general, including:
Although you must register to post messages here on the ATP Forum, your profile information is not available to spammers, or others who are not members of the ATP Forum.

The hiring season is in full swing in Alaska, and the ATP website should be a regular stop for those who are interested in teaching positions in the state, or in learning about schools and districts.

We recommend that serious candidates register at the ATP Applitrack site to search our daily updates of job listings, and to have their resumes discovered by Alaska school district HR staff.

Don't forget to visit our new Facebook page, and say hello!

Toni McFadden
Alaska Teacher Placement Manager

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